How to join Facebook groups using your business page

One of the most common questions since Facebook Groups arrived on the scene is “can a business page join these groups?”  

Up until recently, Facebook groups were exclusively for personal profiles only to post and comment within then.   This meant sharing business posts from you personal profile and not being able to engage as a business.

Now the landscape for businesses has changed as business pages can now send requests to join as group members, comment and share posts to Facebook groups.

This is fantastic for businesses to boost their Facebook reach, it also enables businesses to engage with their local and global audiences, add value to group members by sharing their expertise, services and products.

Being able to interact to people in groups as business page can provide an alternative way to build brand awareness within relevant communities and of course, generate exposure in the platform.

The option is within the Facebook group settings; “allow Pages to request to join as group members.” and is active by default, unless the admin specifically chose not to let pages in.

So how do you join Facebook groups as a business page? Well, it’s as simple as asking to join the group.

If your personal profile account is already a member of the group, you can see on the left side of the page your profile photo that would say “Interact as yourself”, click on that button and you will see “Choose how you interact in this group”, this will give you an option to post, react, invite people, and explore as your Page or personal profile.

Ultimately, the Admin/s of the group will decide if they accept your business page or not.

This option gives businesses a chance to get involved in relevant communities and reinforce their brand and expertise, and make their business a recognizable source in their field.

If you’ve never engaged in Facebook groups, now is a brilliant time to explore groups and get started.