Top 5 Tips To Creating Awesome Content

Content is king, that’s a fact. And with that, we can’t stress enough the importance of having good content for your website and social media pages. The beautiful thing about our digital age is that we live in a time where there is an abundance of information available right at our fingertips. Writing awesome content used to be a job for professional writers. Now, anyone who is willing to learn, has a good grasp of their message and can put it into words, can definitely write great content.

The result however, is an abundance of online content, which often doesn’t hold any value for readers and is something you don’t want for your website.

Producing good quality and compelling content consistently is an overwhelming task. After all, we write for attention, whether that’s for website traffic, to build a brand or attract customers. Here are our top 5 tips to creating awesome content.


  1. Always Keep Your Readers In Mind

Knowledge is directly proportional to power. The more knowledge you have about your audience and your market, the more powerful your content will be. Therefore, when writing, make sure you have identified your audience and that you’re writing something that will interest them, consider their needs, and provide them valuable information.


  1. Organize Your Webpages and Topics

Ensure your site is easy to navigate for visitors.  Ask friends to navigate through your website to find information.  If they have difficulty, then a few changes are needed.

Divide the content into specific categories on multiple pages or subpages for your products, services, and blog topics. Doing this can also improve your website’s overall search ranking.

Also, make sure you use targeted keywords throughout your content. Obviously, don’t overuse keywords, but place them strategically throughout your content. Use relevant images to make posts more appealing and keep your content short and concise.


  1. Discover Trends

Write about the trending topics.  Be in-the-know of the buzz that excites your market and anything related to your industry. Twitter is a great platform for real-time data with tons of topics and trending news you can write about. Google Trends also provide valuable insights to the hottest topics that people are searching for.

Using online data will not only help you optimize your content, but put you in the loop of what people are currently talking about.


  1. Create New Posts Regularly

While repurposing old content keeps you posting regularly to your social pages, there is a better way to do it – write new and fresh content instead. If you’re writing about a specific topic or developing story, write an entirely new post rather than updating an existing one. You could also create a series of posts and link these pages together for easy navigation.


  1. Use Video

Videos are extremely powerful and today’s online audience are more interested in watching rather than reading. To take advantage of this feature your brand, company, products, services, etc in video for people to “like” “comment” and “share”.


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